About us

Arenas Studios comes from the recovery of an industrial space where the Compañía Italo-Argentina de Electricidad (CIAE), used to be, generating electricity for the Port of Buenos Aires.


Today we are a complex of locations with over 20.000 mts2 offering building solutions and services with different amenities in terms of logistics, to conduct all kinds of audiovisual products and business productions.

Frank Studio


Working mainly in the film industry, it has 10 studios / sets with different characteristics and sizes, inside of which the Underground stands out, with over 1.500 mts2, an English-style cobbled Street, and our main set Arena I, with over 1.600 mts2 of column-free space.

All these spaces maintain their original turn-of the-century aesthetic, with all the services the markets demands today.

The complex located inside the Arts District, only 15 minutes from the center of town and 5 minutes from Puerto Madero, which make sit possible to conduct all kinds of projects with complete operational comfort.

Calle Central


Tour and see every spot in our studios.