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We are Arenas Studios, the leading location complex in the entire region, chosen by directors and brands to carry out the most demanding audiovisual productions. We have an area of more than 20,000 m2 distributed in 17 spaces, each of them with its distinctive appearance, complementing each other to allow practically everything to become possible.

Among our spaces, we offer 3 large halls completely free of columns (ranging from 860 m2 to 1,600 m2), with independent drive-in entrances; operative bridge cranes, and a full range of services to guarantee comfort. In addition to the industrial premises, we offer 2,240 m2 of easily accessible underground areas; a studio with an 80,000-liter water mirror for all kinds of aquatic shots (surface, immersion and underwater); 2 rooftops with astonishing views of the city of Buenos Aires; cobbled streets; corridors; industrial settings; and original facades from the early 1900s.

The whole premise offers high-speed Wi-Fi Internet access, and also includes: a large-scale cyclorama of 16.50 m (length) x 11 m (width) x 4.80 m (height); water tanks; FX (Chroma-keys, heated-water rain equipment, and snow machines); and lighting grids, as well as the possibility of contracting additional energy services.

The recording day is 12 hours.

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