Create unique events within unique spaces.

We are Arenas Studios, the leading locations complex in the audiovisual industry and events. We are placed in an old industrial space from the 19th century, fully recovered and refurbished. We aim to be the site for your brand. Our DNA integrates an industrial past with technological advances, allowing us to generate one of a kind experiences, conceived to feast and surprise our guests.

We offer more than just rooms for events: among our spaces, we count with 3 large halls completely free of columns (ranging from 860 m2 to 1,600 m2), with independent drive-in entrances; operative bridge cranes and a full range of services to guarantee comfort. In addition, we offer 2,240 m2 of easily accessible underground areas; a studio with an 80,000-liter water mirror; 2 rooftops with astonishing views of the city of Buenos Aires; cobbled streets; corridors; industrial settings; and original facades from the early 1900s.

Services Included: Parking, VIP Dressing rooms, 220 V power, Wi-Fi (courtesy).

We also offer a wide range of additional services and equipment, including energy, safety, FX, and event setting. Besides, the possibility of preferential access to our environments and locations.

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    Team Arenas Studios