80,000 liters of water for you to create.

Introducing the one and only studio in Argentina that offers the possibility of combining the use of water in all physical states, and in a fully controlled environment. We count with an 80,000 liters of capacity water mirror -always operational- of 7 m (length) x 5 m (width) x 2.5 m (depth). Its interior is painted white with “endless” edges, allowing the placement of canvases of any color and Chroma-keys. Crystallinity is achieved through special ionizing processes that guarantee greater comfort and visibility of 80%. Its versatility allows all kinds of aquatic shots to be taken: surface, underwater or immersion.

We also have a Detachable Pond of 15 m (length) x 15 m (width) x 0.5 m (depth), ideal for filming on the surface.

Services Included: Tap water heated and filtered daily. Production terrace, Dressing room, 220 V power, Parking, Wi-Fi (courtesy).

Equipment included: Bridge crane (max. 5,000 kilograms), 4 RGB underwater lights – 24 V, 2 WHITE underwater lights -12 V, fixed lighting grid (located over the water mirror).

We also offer a wide range of additional services and equipment: Distilled water to obtain 100% visibility, Technical safety divers, Full diving equipment, Neoprene wetsuits, Coated lead ballast, Heating equipment, FX and underwater cameras, among others. Besides, the possibility of preferential access to other environments and locations.

The recording day for renting this studio is 10 hours.

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    Team Arenas Studios